Sunday, March 9, 2014

We went to Castaway Bay Waterpark in Sandusky Ohio

We optimistically scheduled a road trip 2.5 hours

away to go to a waterpark/hotel. It turns out,
it was just what Andy needed.

His behavior is always dicey in the car, and when we are away from home. However, Andy was really great on the way there and at the hotel.

We stopped every hour to let him out of the car. When we got to the hotel and had to wait a while to check in, he was so happy in the stroller. He was just squealing and looking around at the big pirate ship and fireplace in the lobby.

We didn't get our room until 3pm, but we were able to change in a bathroom and put our stuff away with the front desk to swim until the room was ready. Andy even took a nice nap as soon as we got in the room, and the next day, which really helps his behavior.

We travel with a blow up bed we bought from Walmart. It comes with a pump and a canvas bag to carry it in. He isn't able to get out of the bed and he is able to roll around and army crawl. However, he doesn't know how to sit up on his own and stays contained in this bed which has sides on it that are about 6 inches high. Andy is 39 inches long, I think the bed is 48 inches long, not including the inflatable sides.

We got a room with a bunk bed in it, in addition to a bed for my husband and I. My daughter really enjoyed it, because she could play with her cousins in there. They had a desk with three seats and their own TV, which made them very happy. The bunks had rails on the top, so even Andy could play with his toys up there on his belly.

The wave pool was great, and it was where Andy and I were most of the time. He was even allowed in the hot tub with me. He only had to be in it a few minutes, then he would fall asleep in my arms. It made him so cozy.

We had a great time and decided we should do this more often.

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