Saturday, March 1, 2014

Multi-disciplinary team is evaluating Andy for Autism

We have completed all interviews and observations for a team to evaluate Andy for Autism. I first met with a psychologist on my own, and answered questions about Andy's behavior. I was also sent home with two questionnaires about Andy's behaviors. Examples of questions were: How does Andy react to people with beards? How does he react to loud noises? Does Andy seem very interested in spinning things? Does Andy respond to you when you call his name? What happens when a new person enters the room?

The psychologist then met with Andy for testing and observation. She wanted to see if Andy could follow instructions. Does he respond to his name? Can he put objects into a container? How does he respond to blowing bubbles? Can he find an object under a blanket? Will he comfort a baby doll or try to feed her?

Then on a separate visit he met with a speech language pathologist for a speech evaluation. She wanted to know, has Andy ever put two different syllables together? Does he ever stop babbling when someone else starts talking? How does he react when you leave the room? She could see that he doesn't respond to his name. She then told me she will be meeting with the neurologist and psychologist as part of the team to evaluate Andy for Autism.

We will know more in a couple of weeks. I don't have an opinion either way. The final outcome I am hoping for is just for Andy to be able to receive some additional services that will be beneficial to him.

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