Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not sure if Andy needs an anti-depressant

It has been so hard to keep Andy from crying lately. I really think he might be getting depressed because he is so helpless. He tries really hard to sit up and cannot. I can see the look on his face. "I wish I could just sit up", is what it looks like he's thinking. Also, crawling seems like it is the furthest thing from his mind. He lays on his stomach, and tries to swim. Flailing his arms like crazy through the air.

His efforts to communicate with us consist of only crying now. He seems SO frustrated, like he doesn't even want to try. He just immediately resorts to crying.

We are going to try and see a new neurologist (thirds a charm), and I am going to talk to his primary doctor about anti-depressants. I just don't know what else to do, he is truly miserable. We can't function as a family like this any more.

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