Thursday, January 7, 2016

If your guitar isn't connecting with your Rock Band 4 delete it and reinstall

We got Rock Band 4 for Christmas, and it is something fun that I can do with my daughter. Andy also likes to play the drums. I sit him on my lap and put my hands over his hands with the drumsticks and he enjoys banging on the drums with me.we connected the drums and the guitar and had no problems for two or three days playing the game. Soon after that we were trying to join the guitar in, and wasn't being recognized. We put new batteries in the guitar and that didn't work. We also restarted the game and restarted the PlayStation and neither one of these worked. Then we finally tried completely removing the guitar from the settings. We had to delete the guitar in the Bluetooth devices and we had to reinstall it as again. This worked and allowed the system to recognize the guitar again and we were able to connect and play the game. I can bond with my daughter while playing the game and Andy also has fun too. It's been a great investment for us we really love it. I can get a lot of frustration out just by singing into the microphone and so does my daughter. So I guess you can say it's been therapeutic for the family as well! 

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