Monday, January 11, 2016

Andy's waking up screaming

Andy has had a couple of times in the last few days were he wakes up in the night or after a nap and he is screaming out of control. I thought he was having a nightmare the first time, but then it happened after a nap also. He wakes up and his face is very red and he is screaming and hard to console. I don't know if he is having a muscle spasm or what the problem might be. Luckily, this morning he woke up OK, and didn't wake in the night last night. Hopefully, it has passed for now.


  1. Growing pains maybe? Don't know if he is too young for them or not. I never experienced them but my 8 yr old nephew has them.

  2. I feel you should talk to him. A story-telling at night might be helpful. You can place a teddy too beside him. I hope that will help too.