Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Waving Hi?

Andy is three and a half now. I've seen skills emerge and backslide too many times. Words come out of his mouth a couple of times, then I never hear them again. Or the army crawl emerges, then goes away for a long time. Right now, it seems he is trying to wave "hi". I really am not getting too excited about it, because I feel it will just go away in a few days, like all his other skills do.

I am hearing him say random words, then never again do I hear the word. I feel so upset, because it seems like his words are in there, we just can't get them to come out. We've both been really sick, which has allowed a lot of bonding time for us. He's been really cuddly with me, and giving me a lot of eye contact and smiles.

I am getting a lot of therapeutic toys for Andy for Christmas. I'm hoping that just pushing along, and not looking back will get us somewhere.

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