Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pesky Ear Infections

Andy and I have been sick since Thanksgiving. Germs keep coming and going. Andy spent all night Saturday and Sunday crying and uncomfortable, so we went into the doctor Monday morning.  Poor Andy had an ear infection and an eye infection that was being treated by antibiotics. He stayed home from school for a whole week.

We actually had a lot of quality time together. He just wanted to snuggle and cuddle with me, and kept looking right into my eyes and smiling. He was so comforted by me, it was really nice. I felt like he was saying "thank you, I love you" with his eyes. He seemed to be getting better. Then on Sunday night, he woke up screaming and was out of control with crying for over an hour. I headed up to urgent care with him.

His ear infection was coming back and was now in both ears. They felt his current antibiotic wasn't working, so I went back to his general doctor first thing in the morning to follow up. Andy received the first of a three day series of antibiotic shots.

We felt so bad that Andy couldn't communicate to us what was wrong, when he was in so much pain. I'm glad I decided to just take him into the doctor once I realized I couldn't console him, and it was unlike other times in the past.

Now that Andy had a shot of antibiotic, he is feeling so much better. He had such a great day at school. I think he is relieved to be back at school, and that he is finally out of pain.

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