Sunday, November 4, 2012

Feeling better

The sadness patch seems to be over now. I put my mind on the back burner and got all my laundry done, and cleaned up the house. I was able to get everything done while Andy stayed busy playing with my daughter, or watching TV. Now that the house is in order, I feel it will be easier to face the week, and getting the kids ready for school should be easier.

I am happy with my life right now, and accept my current motherhood duties, although I still get sad about the scenario. It doesn't mean I hate it, but I think it is okay to occasionally be down, and just let myself feel the feelings that come to me. I know there are people that have it much worse than me, so I don't want to seem unthankful for everything that I have.

Andy's developmental delays redefine every single situation for all of us. We have the power to choose to be in situations or not to participate in things that we don't feel comfortable with. We have to make things more simple, and I find myself savoring small moments in our lives.

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  1. hang in there Amy! I found your site while browsing for something else. I have worked with kids with DD and know just how precious they are, but also how much patience they require from their caregivers. I also applaud you for blogging about this, perhaps it can help you and serve as an outlet for some of your frustrations. Are you a part of a support group? I know it can mean the world to be around other people who understand what you are going through. you have a beautiful family...and I wish you lots of strength!
    -Anna from NJ