Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hoping for a year of progress

This past year has been so depressing with my son at 19 months old now, and still no crawling, standing, self-feeding, or pulling up. I've spent the last few days being really sad about it, and have now caught a nasty cold. I've got to try to pull it together and put all pessimism to the side and try to stay positive. My son is getting therapy several times a week, which is hard when it is so cold outside. He can drink through a straw now, which is nice, and is an improvement. He can also hold onto objects for a little longer than before. He can also entertain himself for 10-20 minutes. Long enough to make dinner or take a shower.

His teething has been hell. His crying goes on all day long, usually for almost two weeks at a time. He becomes inconsolable, and that's when I get upset. I'm hoping for a better year, and much more progress.

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