Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seeing some progress with language at 21 months

Just this past week, I am seeing progress with my sons vocabulary. He was limited to mama and dada before, but has now started saying "up", "baby" and "poo-poo".  Sometimes, after he poops, he will say "poo-poo". Lately every time he goes, I repeat to him that he did a poo poo. It may have sunk in. I also ask him every time he is crying on the floor, "do you want me to pick you up"?. So now he is saying "up" after he has been frustrated for a minute, or when I come back in the room, he will say "up". Usually when he is done eating or done playing with a toy. I don't hear it every day, but we are still hearing him say these words every few days. It is so nice to see him moving forward with something. The gross motor and fine motor, no such luck, but this is very promising.

We are going in on  Monday for a 24-hour EEG to rule out any seizure activity.


  1. Hi Amy, I came across your blog on BBC. I'm thrilled to see your sons progress with language. My 15 month old son has global delays. I found your blog on Baby Center, I hope you don't mind if I follow. It's such an emotional roller coaster having a child with delays. Especially when you have no answers as to why.

    1. Unfortunately, Andy does not speak any more. The words he said only lasted a few days. I've been waiting several years to hear him say anything again. He is almost four now.