Monday, November 9, 2015

Andy is unable to self feed

I don't think I've updated on the occupational/fine motor skills in a while. I usually just focus on Andy's standing and taking steps. Andy cannot feed himself and finds it very difficult to put food in his mouth. Although, he can put toys in his mouth. He seems to overshoot with a fork, or drops it before it meets his mouth. He also drinks only from a cup with a straw,  but I have to hold it for him. He will gesture towards the cup, but he will not grasp it to pick it up. If I show him hand over hand, sometimes, not always, he will hold he cup and drink it. Then he will drop it down to the floor. 
It would be amazing to see him reach out and grab the cup himself, and place it back down. I have to slowly show him that he must do this in his own, even when he's very frustrated. He does it with toys all the time I just don't think he had the confidence to do it with food. He is also fascinated with just smashing the food in his hands, so it doesn't make it to his mouth. He doesn't seem to understand a whole lot, so we will continue to work on having him drop objects into containers in hopes that he will soon drop food into his mouth. 

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