Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bonding more with Andy

Andy let me cuddle with him yesterday. Normally, if anyone tries to pull Andy close to themselves, he pushes them away. He doesn't enjoy hugs, and he lets you know that he doesn't want to be hugged or held by pushing with his arms. I was sitting by the Christmas tree yesterday, and Andy laid his head on my shoulder while cooing. He stayed there, so I started to hug him. I laid back with him as there was a pillow behind us. He stayed in my arms, and I pulled a blanket over us. He let me cuddle with him for about 20 minutes! It was so nice, and I soaked in every minute.

I continue to hold him under his arms as he takes steps around the house. He is a long ways from walking, but I think the stepping is doing his brain good. He seems to be making minor improvements in his brain, by taking about 200 steps a day. He steps with assistance from his bed to the living room, and to and from the kitchen table. We carry him as little as possible now, and demand that he steps more often.

Andy enjoys being upright. He lets us know when he is ready to sit and play with toys by attempting to sit down after taking his steps. If he wants to stand a little longer, he will keep his legs locked and sometimes clap his hands. Andy plays a lot on his belly as well. He does not ever get into a crawling position. If we try to put him on all fours he protests and straightens out to get back down. It is hard to keep him on hands and knees because it takes too much strength. I do not feel he will ever crawl.  I don't feel his brain understands it. It is much easier for him to take steps, than to coordinate four limbs moving in perfect synchronicity to move forward.

I am continuing to see very small changes in him, which I think is due to his brain slowly developing. I feel that the steps he takes each day is helping this along.


  1. Hi Amy I wanted to send you a note to tell you our son Michael who is developmentally delayed walked first and then crawled two years later. We never imagined he would crawl he would flatten himself out to. He did though eventually just out of order. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I just wanted to say that I am hoping that Andy continues to improve like he is. I've heard that "small steps when the race", praying that it is true. :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement :-)

  4. I have enjoyed reading your post. I read it last night and was going to comment but never had the chance. I came back today to do so. You have such a handsome little fellow and I love the photos at disney. I really like the picture your son has with Elsa. My children love frozen. Anyway, I wanted to send you words of encouragement. My nephew has severe autism. He can walk but can barely talk. He mimics everything you say, but sometimes on rare occasions he tells me he loves me. It melts my heart. I can't stress it enough on how amazing I think you mothers are. The strength you endure, and beauty of a mothers love. Anyway, I just figured I dropa line to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your post. I've also book marked it and I plan on stopping by again soon to read more. I'm also referring your blog to my sister. I know she would love this as much as I have. Lots of hope, encouragement sent your way!