Friday, November 21, 2014

Headphones with music help Andy to calm down

I purchased some noise-canceling headphones for kids on I was looking for something to go completely over Andy's ear, and that he couldn't easily knock off of his head.

We hook the headphones up to an iPod. Andy loves listening to the Black-eyed Peas. We play the entire "The End" cd for him, and he loves it. He will listen to the songs over and over.

If Andy gets cranky, or becomes inconsolable, putting the headphones on him calms him down. It seems to distract him, and gets him to just focus on the music. He quiets down almost instantly.

I mainly bought these for an upcoming trip we are going to take to Florida on a plane. However, we've been using them several times a week to calm Andy down. One time he was trying to eat dinner and started crying. I put the headphones on him to get him to finish the meal.

Another time, we had some smaller kids over and the little one was crying. It was upsetting him, and he started to cry.  So I put the headphones on him, and he cheered right up. He started laughing and enjoying the music.

We do have to try and keep Andy from messing with the volume controls. We set it so he can't make it too loud, but he will start crying if he turns the volume all the way down. Then when I look to see what's wrong, I find that he can't hear it. My husband clipped the iPod to the back of his pants, and this kept him from being able to reach the volume controls.

These headphones have been great, and I hope they help on our trip to Florida. I also got a battery pack to charge my phone and the iPod if we are on a plane or in a restaurant, and the battery should go dead. I will also be bringing Andy's inflatable bed to sleep in at the hotel. We got it from Walmart. I use it, so I don't have to worry about him falling out of bed.

We will be visiting a water park soon too, so I will be bringing the bed and headphones. I am hoping Andy will enjoy the trip. He likes playing in water, so I thought he might like it.

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