Friday, August 17, 2012

Pediatric Wheelchair

We received Andy's pediatric wheelchair for school. It is super heavy. It has three different names on three different manuals that it came with: "Kimba", "Ottobock" and "Leckey".  Slightly confusing. I am not currently using it for everyday errands. Again, it is way too heavy. I'm envisioning just using it for when he is in school. I don't think he will be riding the bus. We will live six houses away from the school. They said I can request that the bus pick him up, but I am going to see how it goes. We won't be living near the school for the first couple of months while the house is still being built. We will be living out of district, and he's been approved to attend this school while we build.

I have been doing small enjoyable things if Andy is taking a nap, or when he goes to bed at night. I've been scrapbooking, crocheting hats, making patch pillows, or trying my hand at sewing Barbie doll clothes for my daughter. She has fun being the designer, and I'm the seamstress. It helps take my mind off of other issues.


  1. HiAmy,
    I do seating and positoning for kids in wheelchairs here in Turkey. We make custom mobility chairs ( and most of our customers have some degree of CP. I work closely with therpists here but sadly most do not have proper training themselves and so far there is no OT at all! Awhile ago we became aware that our static chairs while certainly functonal for most were not serving our clients with all their needs. Long stort short we have partnered with a long time positioning expert Montana ( though the chairs are great, they are not covered by insurance here so we only sell to higher income clientele, a fragment of the population. As I surf the net frequently to further my own education and found your blog,your comment about how heavy your new chair was caught my attention (I'm familiar with all of the companies that sent you those manuels,lol)so this chair is very lightweight, portable and adaptable and may meet your needs. Your son is very fortunate to have such a pro-active mother.
    Best wishes to you,

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