Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scooting for toys

Andy is scooting around with a little enticing. I have gotten him to scoot as far as 25 feet, coaxing him with a toy. He will do about 5 little scoots at a time, on his belly, pulling himself with his arms. He will scoot with his own interest and motivation sometimes, just a foot or two to get to a toy. When I try to motivate him, I try to bring him down a long hallway into a new room, so he can see he can get somewhere on his own. I might have to put a long sleeve shirt on him next time, because the berber carpet seems to be irritating to his elbows after a while.

We hadn't seem him scoot around much since St. Patricks Day, back in March of this year. I was wondering when it was going to emerge again, he just didn't want to scoot for so long. He's been in PT all this time too! We are taking a break from physical therapy now, and he's scooting like crazy. Can't figure it out.

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  1. I read somewhere once that often times toddlers seem like they have a sudden jump when really they have been focusing their energy elsewhere, trying to learn a new skill. Its possible that he has been so focused on his speech or other skill that he is just now able to focus on the "scoot".