Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Dark Cloud Lifted

A dark cloud has been lifted with the arrival of my new baby. She is everything that I have been aching for, for years. My husband and I always thought, and wanted to have, three or four kids. When Andy was born, our second child, everything came to a halt. When we discovered how severely disabled he was, our dreams of a bigger family shattered abruptly.

We searched for answers for years, as to whether this could happen to another child of ours. It doesn't appear to be genetic. It seems to be a very uncommon thing, if in fact, his disabilities are due to a small snippet of missing DNA.

I was depressed and sad for many years, about not being able to have anymore babies, due to our fears. We couldn't fathom having another child like Andy. It would be complete chaos right? We were not trying to have another child, but my new daughter slipped through the cracks, and she's here.

I have to say, I'm loving it. She's perfect, and so cuddly and sweet. What a joy she is. Everything has changed for the better. I'm taking care of the baby now, and my husband is caring for Andy. I'm so lucky that he can help. It's been a nice break after seven years of all Andy all the time. I really needed this, and I love that my daughter gets to have a sister. How awesome.

I thank God all the time for this baby. What an absolute blessing she is, and she seems to be developing normally. What a huge relief and I am so over the moon to have her, and it is helping to bring my older daughter and I closer together. I am also taking classes, and the new shift in focus is just so great for my well being.

I'm not telling anyone to have a baby to solve issues with having to raise a severely impaired child. For me personally, it was a dream come true, to have another daughter, and also a much needed life shift. I didn't think I'd get the chance to have any other children, and now here I am with a four month old baby. I'm not overwhelmed, I'm overjoyed.

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