Sunday, January 8, 2017

We had the baby

I went into triage five days before the c section was scheduled due to some left side pain I was feeling all night long. The pain was right along my previous c section scar, and made me worry that it was thinning out or tearing. The doctors decided to perform that c section that day, which was my third, with the most rocky recovery yet. We were discharged from the hospital late in the evening on Christmas Eve, so we were able to be with Andy and our oldest daughter for Christmas morning.

Andy doesn't like the baby, because she makes unpredictable noises. I've been keeping her upstairs mostly, while Andy is downstairs with my husband. I wasn't able to get upstairs though for about 4 days after we came home. My incisions had to heal up a bit before I could attempt to climb the stairs. Every time I needed to get up and down from the bed or chair, toilet, etc. my husband had to kind of bear hug me and help me to stand. Even now, two weeks later, doing the stairs makes my surgery site hurt and I have to walk around really slowly. I am very lucky that Kevin has had these last two weeks off of work, and my mother-in-law and mother have been able to help us when we need things, or have to get the baby to her appointments. I still haven't attempted driving yet, because I feel I still need to heal up. My recovery has been really slow this time.

Fortunately, our baby has been really good. She only cries when she needs a new diaper, or is hungry. She's been pretty great, so we've been lucky there. My older daughter really loves her as well, and it's been a nice bonding experience for all of us.

We got Andy some wireless bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation that we hook up to an old iPhone. He has a playlist of pop music on it that helps him calm down when he gets mad. If the baby starts to cry or grunt, or gets vocal, we put the headphones on Andy, and it stops the meltdown from happening. But lately, we've just been keeping them on different floors and that's been much easier for everyone.

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