Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kimba Ottobock Stroller Leckey model

I really regret getting the Ottobock stroller for my son. The main reason I dislike it so much, is because it is so heavy. The second reason is that it is always falling apart. Screws and other pieces are constantly falling out of it. You have to check it over and tighten everything by hand once a week basically to avoid losing pieces on the thing.

If you go several weeks without tightening screws and knobs, the stroller becomes very wobbly and starts falling apart. This is a four-thousand dollar piece of medical equipment. It's been a big headache if you ask me. Just wanted to put this out there, so that if you are thinking about getting one, maybe you'll think again.

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  1. I'm so glad I caught this. I was about to ask my daughters ot about ogetting one. Looking for something that doesn't weigh 100 lbs. Bella is 5 and was born with a chromosomal deletion. She has a lot of the same impairments as Andy. Love your blog!