Monday, August 25, 2014

Week Seven of ABA therapy

The staff at the Autism Center says that Andy cried a lot less this week. However, he continues to throw a fit whenever we pull up to the center. They have been trying to talk me into getting him to stay there for the entire school year, and pulling him from his public school program. 

I have thought about this for a long while, and have decided to not do this. He is going to go to school in the fall as planned. I don't feel comfortable completely removing him from his school and putting him only at the Autism Center. I think he is going to love school so much, and really enjoy it. I just can't imagine him not going to school with his therapists and friends right now. Everyone has done so much in preparation for him coming to the school. I really wouldn't want to have to tell the staff there that I'm pulling him out for a year or two. 

Then later, he'd end up there when the Autism program is done, which they told me insurance stops paying for 25 hours a week at age 7. Then people typically put their kids into first grade. I'm not sure if any services are paid after that. This is what staff told me, when they were urging me to keep Andy in for the next year. It might seem like, okay, now he's ready to come to school. When in fact, he would still be really far behind, and less comfortable with everyone. 

I am happy with my decision to go ahead and put him into Kindergarten. It just feels right to me.

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  1. Good for you Amy! It takes a lot of courage to really speak your mind but you know what's best for Andy- good job :)