Monday, May 19, 2014

Andy's 5th Birthday

We celebrated Andy's 5th birthday yesterday! He was a little overwhelmed with all the people over. His sister Gabby was also celebrating her 7th birthday. Andy laid down for a long nap during all the commotion.

I've been trying to remember to make sure I hold him in a standing position while he's playing at least once a day. We also have a stander that keeps him on his feet with a table in front of it to put his toys on. Andy is actually seeming to want to stand more often now. If he gets fussy on the floor, sometimes me holding him in a standing position helps him to calm down.

We were at the park today and I stood right behind him and had him leaning against me while he was standing. Then I realized that it is better to have him holding himself up, so he can practice balancing himself. So, I kept putting one of his hands on the bar and telling him "you have to hold on, or you'll fall". I still stayed right behind him, because he forgets and lets go.

I was happy to see that sometimes he'd switch hands, and hold on with the opposite hand and play with his free hand. That made me so happy to think that he is understanding something. He still continued to let go though and fall backwards. When he did this, I would just put his hand back on the bar and tell him again, "Andy, you have to hold on", and he would hold on for a few minutes.

I use his chair to transport him to and from the park. Today he was really fussing once we got there. He just did not want to be in the chair any longer. So, I put him in the swing for a bit, then we moved on to a standing activity. I think it wore him out pretty well. He was real tired when we got back home.

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