Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rough patch again

Andy is having a rough patch again, so it is hard for the whole family. He wakes up absolutely pissed off. He is screaming and scratching and whaling and moaning. He won't eat a whole lot. Every time it is meal time, he protests like crazy. I've spoken to his doctor about it. I guess we also need to revisit the dentist. He is out of control.

My daughter says he is ruining her life. She hates to hear him cry, we all do. It causes so much tension and absolute hopeless feelings about everything. The tension creeps up between my husband and I. His constant crying is so annoying, we can hardly stand it. I put him back into his bed every time, telling him he needs to calm down.

A lot of times, I will bite the bullet, and recognize he needs to get out of the house. Usually, I just put him in the van with a dvd, and we drive around. Today, I couldn't even do that, because the garage door seems to be frozen shut. So, I gave him some Tylenol, turned off the lights in his room, and told him you are just going to have to rest and wake up in a better mood.  After two attempts at feeding him breakfast and him screaming and arching and scratching, he just had to go back to bed.

Then my daughter comes home from a sleepover and hears him crying and immediately starts up. "You're ruining my life, I don't want to live here anymore. It's no fun here." So, I put her in a bath, and sent her back to bed as well.  I want to tear out of here, but the garage is frozen. I could take my husbands huge truck, but its a pain in the butt. On second thought, maybe I'll just go back to bed too.