Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Three weeks off of Abilify

Andy has been off Abilify since November 30th. It's been almost three weeks. I've been looking for signs of withdrawal, but don't really see any. He is still on Trileptal, which is a mood stabilizer. When he is having an angry outburst, and he receives 3 ml of it, he calms down within 20 minutes. He is getting it twice a day now. I am not interested in weaning him from the Trileptal just yet, but my husband would like to in the future. He is still having constipation issues. So, I keep a diary of how often he is having bowel movements and the size. I was told by a nurse to continue to give him a stool softener daily. Also, if his bowel movements have only been very small for several days he gets stool softener more than once a day, or something else to make him have a stool. This usually helps his behavior, and a low appetite to get better. The iPad is working again, so he really enjoys his interactive musical games, such as the Itsy Bitsy spider, by Duck Duck Moose.

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