Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crying out of control tonight

Andy's crying is out of control tonight. I've given him Tylenol, and Orajel on a gum that feels broken in the molar area. We've turned up the air conditioning, dressed him in lighter clothing, talked to him soothingly. I walked him around and showed him that everyone is going "night-night". We told him that he gets to go to school tomorrow and take the bus. He seemed excited. But then when he lays down he is angry.

It could be the broccoli we had for dinner, or a tooth coming through. I just don't know. He has been crying for over three hours now. I am in my room with fans running and a white noise app running on my phone, because his constant whaling is driving me bonkers. I have to just not hear it for a while.

This is just what sometimes happens, and he has no way of telling us what is wrong.


  1. Hi Amy
    I am so sorry to hear you had such a rough night. Yes that is the worst when something is wrong and they can't tell you. When Michael was younger he would have asthma attacks and would just scream for ours because he couldn't tell us that he was having trouble breathing or that he was scared. Have you guys tried an IPAD and an assistive communication app? You can put as little as four selections I think on it and he could tell you (by pointing or touching the item) that he wants milk or juice or TV etc. Hope you guys were able to get some sleep.

  2. Our ipad died, but before that I had tried that with him, and he just would bang on the iPad. He didn't seem to make the connection with the words. I think he will someday. His brain just needs a little more time to mature.