Friday, August 23, 2013

Need help at doctors visits

The last few times I took Andy to the doctor were an absolute nightmare. He screamed and cried while I filled out the forms at the GI doctor. He screamed so loud while the nurse was trying to get his vitals and ask me questions, I couldn't hear what she was saying. I was there alone, but what I needed was to have my mom there to walk him around while I tried to talk to the staff.

The nurse asked if there was anything I could do to calm him down, and I told her "nope, he's always like this". He wanted to get out of there, really. The receptionist was the most annoying when she kept coming into the room, with Andy screaming to tell me "I can't find your pharmacy in our files". Like its my fault. I pulled it up online and said "this one, here's the address and phone number". She came in a third time to tell me "You are going to have to just use the hospital pharmacy downstairs because I can't add your pharmacy into our system". I just told her "Whatever I don't care right now", as it had been well over an hour of Andy's constant screaming.

I asked one of his behavioral doctors, "Can I leave him at home next time"? She said "sure," she had seen enough. He doesn't need to be there to discuss the effectiveness of the new meds we were trying. However, I really do need someone there with patience, like my mother, for the next new patient visit. If my husband goes he will just end up punching someone in the face.


  1. That has to be so hard. I know when I take my son Andrew to the Dr., it's never fun. He does not like anyone touching him or even getting to close to him, so the whole time the Dr. is trying to examine him, he's screaming and I'm struggling to hold him in place. Right now he's 20 months old but I don't know what I'm going to do when he get's bigger and stronger!

  2. Absolutely! I often leave Andy in his stroller flailing and head banging, because when I try to hold him he hurts me. He will head butt or punch me in the nose, and it really hurts. He's broken my front tooth before! And I've sprained my wrist twice trying to restrain him, or keep him from falling. So for both our safety he has to be left in his stroller. The doctors will often just examine him in there.