Friday, October 5, 2012

Rough Patches

We've been suffering through several rough patches with Andy lately. He has a swollen gum around one of his upper molars that I've been treating with Orajel. The dentist says the teeth need time to break through all the way. I've been giving him soft foods, but when it is time to eat, he gets really upset. I may have to consult a third dentist, to ask about his gum. I try to floss in there, but there doesn't seem to be any space to floss due to the crying. 

Gabby can't stand Andy's crying, and neither can I.  She is only five, and quite often feels that Andy is the only one that I care about. In her own words. It sucks. Going through all this truly sucks. 

I try to stay distracted with cleaning and de-cluttering the house in preparation of our move this winter. Andy doesn't entertain himself for long though, and when he gets bored he gets really pissed off. 

I try to tell myself that other parents of normal children have to be going through the same ups and downs as me, but it often seems that we are in more patches of frustration and anger than most.

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