Monday, November 28, 2011

Stepping up the Omega-3 supplements for Developmental Delays

Andy started out taking the Lil Critter Omega-3 gummy vitamins, and I am still giving them to his sister because we bought such a huge bottle, but the dosage of fish oil is a little low (200mg or so). He's taken them for around 4 weeks now, and I have noticed minor improvements more so than his usual snails pace improvements. So, now we're ready to move up to something more packed with omega-3 (2000 mg). I take a squeeze pack, and put it directly in my mouth, but the taste is a little too "citrusy" for Andy. He doesn't care for orange juice, so I needed to find a food item. I didn't want to mess with his morning oatmeal, because I didn't want him to start disliking it, but it mixed okay in the peach flavored oatmeal. So instead, I've been mixing the oil in a bowl for him with an orange creamsicle. It tastes great, I just smash it all up together, and he eats a whole squeeze pack now, once a day. I started out with a pea size on my finger, and would put it on the roof of his mouth, but he showed me by crying that he didn't like that.

I am seeing a nice developmental progression in Andy, and I am so happy! He will now hold his toothbrush with both hands and actually brush his teeth himself. Lately I will only brush his teeth using a hand over hand method, where his hands MUST be on the toothbrush every time we brush twice a day. I've tried this a few times before, and have given up, but this time maybe with the help of the fish oil, he will hold the brush and help. I can even let go, and he will do it himself. I have to have him sitting on the floor, I think it helps him concentrate the best.

Next, he loves hearing pat-a-cake, and has recently started clapping, but has never clapped along with the song. Now, he claps for me, while I sing. This is just so awesome. And I tell him, "come on you've got to clap while I sing", and he starts clapping. He will also say "yay" and clap at the end.

I really think the fish oil is helping, because I take it daily as well, and it seems to help my memory and cognition.

I've stopped the l-carnitine, just for the time being, because he is still SO immobile. The problem is that it gives him energy, so when he doesn't move around at all, he isn't burning up the energy he already has. So, it backfired on me, and he wouldn't nap for me, he wasn't tired enough. He was also starting to really protest going to bed at night, so I've cut it out for now. However, I will give it to him if I start to see him crawl. He will be able to use the extra energy boost then, but right now he doesn't burn off enough of the energy he already has. I've read about people with CP taking it, and they feel it greatly helps them with their walking and endurance to walk or even jog. So, I'll keep it around for when needed.

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