Sunday, June 5, 2011

Too much

The great feeling I had from the mom  support group has faded, although I am thankful for Andrew's current abilities. The fact that Andy couldn't walk or crawl was muffled out by the other mom's whose children couldn't swallow food, or maintain a sitting position. It actually made me feel proud of him for what he can do. I think that is what made me feel the most peaceful. And hearing about the other mom's similar struggles.

Today, I am going to bed early and hoping for a better day tomorrow. There is simply too much laundry, too much yard work, too much housework, my kids need too much attention, my poor husband has to work way too much, and I am coming down with a sore throat and fever. My 4 year-old daughter, formerly my sweet angel, now a little devil is driving me crazy. Way too sassy, too much attitude, too picky, too impatient, oh God help me. She is way worse than Andy at this point, in terms of stressing me out.

Time for bed, time for bed.

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