ipad and iphone for special needs

We have an ipad 2, and my husband and i have iphones. It is SO beneficial to have an iphone, if you have an ipad. All of the apps that you buy for the ipad are shared with your families i phones. This means that no matter where I am, I don't have to have the ipad with me. So, I've always got the "tap to talk" app with me right in my pocket. I also have the "ispeak button", where I can record any saying I want, and Andy can push the button to tell me something. Right now, we are just trying to use the button for the word "more".

Andrew uses and enjoys several apps. He especially loves "The wheels on the Bus" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" by Duck, Duck, Moose. He usually sits on my lap, while I hold the ipad for him. Otherwise, he will bat it out of his reach, and become frustrated. He seems to stay engaged for longer periods of time when I use it with him.

He also uses it to view any of the Baby Einstein videos for free on YouTube, or watching Blues Clues, Pokoyo, or Yo Gabba Gabba on Netflix. These videos are very useful when trying to keep him on hands and knees for therapy time.

We are just starting to explore augmentative and alternative communication or adaptive communication. Communication is near non-existent with him right now. However, we are seeing teeny-tiny advances forward. The ispeak button was 3.99, and we are going to use it to give him a voice. I am going to try it with my daughters voice, because he loves to hear her talk. Even though he claps to tell us "more", and will even make the "mmm" sound, we want him to be able to push the button to hear the word "more".  I'm hoping it will help him feel that he is talking to us.

We've also got the "tap to talk" app for free, and it seems like a good starting point. Hunger, and what he wants to play with, is where we'll start.

The more Andy uses the ipad, the better he gets at using it.

Here are some apps I recommend:

Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose (screen shots)
Swipe the bus with finger to move it
Pop bubbles with finger

People move up and down when touched
Swipe the doors open and closed and touch bird 

 Itsy Bitsy Spider by Duck Duck Moose (screen shots)
Touch spider to go up spout
Touching cloud or squirrel will make sounds

Can make guy slide down the rainbow
Can drop hat onto spider or guy
Can make the girl jump in the puddle
Caterpillar turns into butterfly
Sun sparkles
Fly tells info

                     ispeak button
ispeak button
record any saying you want when button is pushed

Pop balloon then hear the shape inside
Toddler Teasers Shapes (screen shots)
Touch each shape to hear name

Other recommended apps:

Glow Draw
Doodle Buddy
Virtuoso (virtual piano)
Laugh and Learn Animal sounds-Fisher Price
Laugh and Learn Shapes and Colors-Fisher Price
Music Sparkles
Tap to Talk
Baby Screen
Farm Sounds

Websites to find special needs apps: